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Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 NLP model

Resumy, an AI Resume Builder, is powered by GPT-4, the world's most powerful natural language processing model. It can generate highly effective and polished resumes by analyzing a user's work experience, skills, and achievements. Try it for only $10 and experience the power of GPT-4 yourself.

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Proven Templates

It's surprising how many people believe that using a colorful resume will make them stand out. However, the reality is quite different. Simple, easy-to-read resumes always attract the attention of recruiters, time and again.

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Backed by years of experience

A word from Founder

I reviewed over a 1000 resumes and cover letters in the last 4 years of running my other startup Crypto Jobs List.
Everything that I learned is now part of this AI resume model and is available to you today.

β€” Raman Sha, Founder of Resumy

Raman Shalupau

How does it work?

  1. Upload your current resume. No need to login or create a profile.
  2. Our specialized AI analyzes your resume, finds issues, discrepancies, grammar errors and auto-magically fixes them.
  3. We meticulously craft your resume into a sleek and sophisticated PDF, poised to impress the world.

How do we store your information?

We do not permanently store your resume, nor any other personal information.
During Beta period your parsed resume (text only) is stored for 5 days for debugging purposes and then it is permanently deleted. As we get more feedback and cover more edge cases, we'll be decreasing this storage time back to 0 days .

Will AI take my job?

Probably not. But if you have a poor resume, it definitely, 100% will.

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How much is it?

If you were to write, edit and format your resume yourself, it would take you over 1-2 hours. We are charging a $10 flat fee.

But you can also get it for FREE! Use our referral program and every time someone buys a resume uplift via your referral code, you earn a free resume uplift yourself. Get your referral link:

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So you have your 5 star resume ready. Now what?
Time to apply to jobs in Crypto, Web3 and Cyber Security industries. Crypto Jobs List and Cyber Security Jobs are the two portals we highly recommend, regardless of your experience level or geographic location.

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